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"Here comes Lounge Lizard, a novel written by one hardnosed, kick-ass, American original."
--- Dan Fante (extract from the introduction to Lounge Lizard)

"Echoes of Dan Fante's Bruno Dante permeate SaFranko's brilliant follow-up to Hating Olivia, which is as honest and readable as its predecessor. Each page reflects the personality of a writer who can see a poetic beauty in the most mundane of experiences - suggesting SaFranko can hold his own with Miller, Fante (John and Dan) and Bukowski."
--- James Doorne (Bizarre Magazine - Issue 133)

"Could Lounge Lizard possibly live up to the brilliance of Hating Olivia? A book I considered to be one of the finest published this century. Or would it be like the sequel of many Hollywood blockbusters, which generally speaking usually turn out to be nothing more than damp squibs? Well fear not... Lounge Lizard is a rollicking read, packed with taut sentences, sparkling dialogue, and guaranteed to blow your mind wide open. Against all the odds SaFranko has pulled off the rarely achieved feat of equalling the brilliance of the original and Lounge Lizard matches its mighty predecessor page for page and word for word and grabs the reader by the balls from the first page in."
--- Joseph Ridgwell (Bookmunch)

"Hating Olivia's sequel, Lounge Lizard, continues the saga of Max Zajack... It?s 1980s New York at the height of the Reagan era, Zajack has settled into a deadening job with a big telecommunications company, the only release from which is a series of passionless one-night stands... Mercilessly (and perhaps joylessly) following the demands of his penis and gratifying a sudden hedonistic bent, Zajack goes to town, fucking and partying like a rock star. But the result, far from being titillating or pleasingly pornographic, is disturbing and authentic. As with Hating Olivia, it?s the prose, simple, perfect, magnetic and at times almost assaultively real, that makes Lounge Lizard tick."
--- Salvatore Difalco (Toro Magazine)

"In Confessions d'un Loser, Mark SaFranko continues the adventures of his alter ego, Max Zajack, who, following his break with Olivia, becomes a "lounge lizard", spending the majority of his time looking for new partners. The reader laughs to follow the story of Max Zajack's eventful nights, reported bluntly and with total uninhibition.
"Funnier and lighter than his fellow candidates on 13th Note Press, Mark SaFranko, now over 50, still manages to transcribe the disillusionment and fatalist atmosphere of 1970s and 80s. His novels do not rage at life at that time, but they do allow him to convey the mores of the time with lucidity and just a little cynicism - which is always welcome in a society that is still mired in the beliefs of another century."
--- Arkady Knight (Le Cafard Cosmique)
"Writing a sequel requires plenty of luck and talents, especially one that has to come after something like 'Hating Olivia,' a nuclear bomb of a book, but Mark nailed it with Lounge Lizard, the chronicle of Max Zajack's life or sex life, really after his split with the impossible Olivia. While there's a stronger sense of drama and emotional turmoil in 'Hating Olivia,' here in 'Lounge Lizard' the writing is more loose, more carefree, more light-handed, with chapters that wrapped themselves up after only a page or two (some of them), and scenes that jammed easily into the butts of the next. It's hell to say that, but there's a briskness in the lines that is seen only in the best of Bukowski."
--- Lei Kit (Goodreads)
"[Lounge Lizard] is filled with pain, pleasure, obsession, success and failure -- which of course is the stuff of life. There is a guy a local guy bar I frequent who always says when he is tipsy that, 'a woman can ruin a man.' SaFranko writes about this axiom, better than anybody I know. For Max is obsessed and destroyed by the ladies, who matter to whom the most.
"I was throughly educated and entertained by the book."
--- Damion Hamilton (Blowback Magazine)

"Lounge Lizard works on many levels - as a modern, Alfie-style rumination on sex and what it means to be a man, as a dirty, Bukowski-esque romp - but ultimately its greatest strength is as a tale of what happened to those hedonistic, free spirits who ran up against the seismic culture shift that happened at the end of the 70's.
"The denouement here [is] chilling, but it's nothing less than what we have grown to expect from an uncompromising voice like Mark SaFranko. SaFranko has built upon the solid foundation of Hating Olivia, to produce a work that is even more ambitious and exciting."
--- Dogmatika

"Max never proclaims himself a victim. He just is one. He has moments of self doubt, not self indulgence, and this is where SaFranko's skill as a writer comes in. Never at one point will the reader go 'so this guy's got a job and he's got himself a sex life, maybe he should fuck off and go tell it to someone else.' Though both of these things are true what's also true is that we can relate to Max. We can see our good points and our bad points in him, and most importantly, he alerts us to our own sense of identity through the loss of his.
"And that's what literature is supposed to do... And that's what Lounge Lizard is... A great piece of 21st century Literature... Read it, look at yourself and tell me I'm wrong... And I'll tell you you are too."
--- David Noone (Goodreads)

"Murder Slim Press, one of the most eclectic and interesting of the underground publishers, has done it again: put out another superb novel by Mark SaFranko, author of their previous production, Hating Olivia. SaFranko's prose is, as usual, finely crafted and almost effortless in its intensity. The writing is gritty, the sex is plentiful (and nasty), and SaFranko, once you read beyond the drunken sexcapades of the protagonist, provides a fascinating comment on America during the Reagen years as well as on the cliche of the writer as rebel-cum-romantic hero."
"SaFranko's achievement is that he has managed to fashion a wonderfully readable novel that incorporates profound comments about the self-serving fashion in which society destroys our individuality and humanity... SaFranko presents a darkly humorous and bleak comment on our present condition where the beatific is a permanent void in our lives, and only the beaten down remain to try to make sense of it all. Mark SaFranko is a major writer, and Lounge Lizard is essential reading."
--- Zsolt Alapi (www.laurahird.com)

"This is a writer at the peak of his powers; the prose is as slick as a mother fucker, the breath-taking honesty and raw emotion, a sheer joy to read. Even the artwork is spot on, an iconic luminous yellow, which will stand out like a beacon of hope on any erudite reader's bookshelf.
"With the publication of Lounge Lizard a ground-breaking moment in literature has occurred and you're one of the first to read about it. And believe me I envy the fact that you still have the jolting, pulsating, eye-opening experience of reading Lounge Lizard ahead of you."
--- Joseph Ridgwell (The Guild of Outsider Writers)

"Max Zajack strikes again! Another long ball shot by Mark SaFranko. if you can get this in the States, I suggest you check it out!"
--- John Grochalski (Goodreads)