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ONE CRAZY DAY by Jeffrey Frye
MSP BOOK #021 / 70 PAGES

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"She turned around and smiled and said, 'I didn't see you standing there. I'm sorry.' I dropped my voice an octave to put some bass in it and said, 'Not half as sorry as you're getting ready to be because I need you to put your hands flat on the counter and not make any sudden movements. . .and I need you to remain calm and breathe. Do you understand what's going on here?' "As I said this I arched my left eyebrow and gave her what I call, 'The Bank Robber Big-Eye.'"
[Jeffrey P. Frye, One Crazy Day]

After his arrest that followed a lengthy manhunt in 2009, Jeffrey Frye was termed a "serial bank robber" by authorities. He is now serving a 20 year prison sentence. One Crazy Day takes us through a standard day in the life of your favourite felon, as he juggles his drug addiction, a money grabbing girlfriend and - of course - one of his seven bank robberies.

One Crazy Day is an all-new novella length story and the second limited edition chapbook leading up to the release of Bank Robber: Stories From The Life.

The chapbook is limited to 200 copies and is packed with additional photos and information on the charming convict named Mr. Jeffrey P. Frye. Dig in and grab another slice of the Bank Blogger's life while you still can.