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"Jeffrey Frye paints a vivid canvas of life inside the walls of Lewisburg USP. The clever blend of ethos, pathos, and logos, indelibly etches his tales upon the reader's consciousness."
--- Alexius Rex, Terror Times Thirteen

"I've read the original texts of the Vulgate in the reading room of the Vatican, and I've studied Confucius and the Tao in Tibet. I've read Sartre, Hemingway and Twain. But none of these writers and texts moved me in the way that Bank Blogger did. It is historically and spiritually accurate and is written with such precision that it almost reads itself. A must read!"
--- This Fucking Guy, USP Resident

"When I told people that I planned to rob banks and intentionally get sent to prison so I could get my own blog, people looked at me like I was crazy. Well who looks crazy now?"
--- Jeffrey Frye, USP Resident