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"Mr. Hussy is unsparing in offering his feelings -- mostly dislikes -- of teachers and, indeed, the 'system.' The only thing wrong with teaching, he maintains, are the teachers...
"I offer a hearty thanks for showing us why. And for doing it so well -- and entertainingly."
--- Seymour Shubin, from the introduction to Back

"Steve Hussy is a writer that, while not relishing in the pure shock value alone, doesn't settle for a comfortable, easy read... he offers up some hard-hitting semi-autobiographical doses of reality that will make you decidedly uncomfortable."
--- Susan Tomaselli, Dogmatika

"Fragmentary but powerful examination of an outsider's time spend surrounded by insiders. Hussy's protagonist (clearly a stand-in for the author) is a teacher who gets along great with his students - his fellow teachers and administrators are another matter. There were some tantalizing glimpses of of the protag's life - a business deal gone south, caring for a mother (the assumption is she's an invalid), that piqued my curiosity... Back is a razor sharp to the point account."
--- Alamo99, Amazon.com